My Appearance In The 1 vs. 100 Mob – Part 2 (The Questions)

September 3, 2013

Aurora's glasses posePicking up from yesterday –

I’m not allowed to say all the super secret inner-workings stuff, but I can say this much. I think I only worked a total of maybe 3 or 4 days to get all those episodes in.

We got those shows done, baby! *snaps* Places to go, people to see. We got a ton done in a day.

You know how when it comes to Price is Right, I’m constantly talking about how incredibly important it is to remember to breathe and to remember that there is no time limit? That’s because I learned the hard way from being on this show the game show stress gets to you.

Three seconds is not enough time sometimes – especially by the end of the day. By that point, I’d answered so many questions in such a high-stress environment. I felt like I didn’t even know my own name anymore.

Some of it blurred together, and things surprised me when I watched at home. I’d scream answers I was practically sure of at the television, just to see my square light up red, signifying I’d gotten it wrong.

What? How could I have missed that?

There was at least one time where I just literally accidentally pressed the wrong thing. And once you press it, it’s too late.

There was also at least one time when I put in an answer thinking it was right, just to realize immediately after that I’d mis-thought out the answer and was wrong. Ugh. That never feels good.

There were some questions I definitely over thought because I was so nervous about the idea of the trick question. I remember one specifically. It asked who was an Oscar Winner. The choices were “a former vice president,” “Jennifer Garner’s husband,” or some schmuck that it definitely wasn’t.

glasses pose #2I knew for a fact An Inconvenient Truth had won for Best Documentary Feature. But did Al Gore receive it? (He didn’t. David Guggenheim did. Though, I didn’t know that at the time.) I definitely knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ben Affleck is an Oscar winner. But is he married to Jennifer Garner, or are they just domestic partners?

I thought the trick question part must be that legally Ben’s not married to Jennifer after all – because we all know he’s an Oscar winner! So, you must be thinking we’re gonna guess him – when really we should be guessing Al Gore, now shouldn’t we?

No. No we shouldn’t. Because Ben Affleck really is married to Jennifer Garner and I totally got that question wrong.

So, if you ever go through my old episodes, please, I beg of you not to judge me too harshly when my square lights up red. Some of that stuff I truly didn’t know. But some really was just over-thinking, exhausted brain, and stupid mistakes.

But the idea of talking all the time you have and not letting yourself feel so rushed that you mess up is a lesson I’m happy to have learned. It did help me on TPiR. And I assume it will help me in other things in life.

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