My Organized/Cutened Up Room – Part 1

December 23, 2013

A photo collage in my bathroom
A photo collage in my bathroom

I said this was the “year of responsibility.” So, let’s check in on some of that stuff. I applied to various programs in New York this year and didn’t get in to a single one of them. Since I’ve now been in L.A. for 2 1/2 years, it was time to start setting in just a bit to my apartment.

It doesn’t mean anything! It just means that it’s okay to put up a few pictures here and there and have my stuff organized enough so that it’s easy to find things.

I will say a lot more could be done. The keyword there being could. I’d love to frame my first half marathon (and full marathon) medals instead of having them just hanging around. I’d love to have a canvas print of my favorite picture with Cory Booker, because, you know, he’s Cory Booker.

I still have a super cheap desk. I still have the cheapest keyboard I could buy – which absolutely does its job. But, there’s an extremely nice one at my parent’s house that I like so much better. (Heck, my actual real piano is there too…) But the nice keyboard would cost a lot of money to ship. And I just don’t think it’s worth it since I can still play and write on the one I have.

Basically, all I’m saying is I haven’t super moved in. I’ve gotten cheap furniture – the kind of stuff you get when you don’t think you’re going to be in a place forever. (Cut to 10 years and I’m still living in this city. No. Please don’t do that… unless I’m writing on a sitcom – then have it (and I’ll replace my stuff).)

But, I’ve moved in enough that I have sort of an organization system going on at least. And I’ve even added the touches of cutening some stuff up. I bought a frame for my favorite picture from high school.

This is my favorite picture I'm talking about (though it cropped weird in this blog... Usually it's landscape, sorry.) And yes, I am in an ugly Christmas sweater from a family photo we did before the show... It was high school. Cut me some slack!
This is my favorite picture I’m talking about (though it cropped weird in this blog… Usually it’s landscape, sorry.) And yes, I am in an ugly Christmas sweater from a family photo we did before the show… It was high school. Cut me some slack!

(Two of my favorite boys in the entire world – both of whom I talk to and adore to this day – were the leads of a play I was student directing/stage managing. One of them suggested a photo where they’re each giving me a kiss on the cheek. Barely anything makes me happier than that photo. So, I have it in a 5×7 on my desk and get to look at it everyday now!)

I also went to Target and bought some more collage frames that I figured could be used for something. I ended up putting the long, skinny one up above my toilet because it fit so well there. It’s nice because I have a huge mirror above my bathroom sink. So, even if you’re not facing the toilet, you can see the reflections of the photos.

I didn’t totally know what to put in that collage. Originally, I thought I’d make it about 52 half marathons. But then I started putting in other random stuff from my life. I really hit the jackpot with the middle 4 pictures though. It is the center of happiness to me.

The pictures are:

1) David Petrick, whom I can barely describe in words how much I adore, giving me a hug after coming to watch me finish Rock ‘n’ Roll USA (DC)

2) Me and my friend Jared Gertner after I saw him in a performance in The Book of Mormon on Broadway! At the time, he was an understudy and I’d flown in when I’d heard he was going to be on. Now, he is playing one of the leads in the London company!

The center of ultimate happiness in my bathroom.
The center of ultimate happiness in my bathroom.

3) A picture of me and a group of people I adore, two of whom I almost feel like are my sisters, after my teacher’s transition (retirement) party – which is a very special memory.

4) Lastly, there’s a picture of my dearest friend Fareed on the teacups during his first trip to Disneyland when he came to visit me.

So, it’s a cluster of people I really love and adore in some of our happiest moments. And I’m so glad I get to see that everyday!

I’ll continue more with organizing and such tomorrow.

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