New Year’s Race 2014 Expo

January 4, 2014

Aurora holding bib upside down at expoAs it was last year, this seems to be one of the smallest expos around.

I suppose that makes sense ’cause it’s a pretty small race…

Covered California – our state health insurance exchange was out in droves! They had two different booths set up and additional people in other places handing out flyers… They really, really, really want us to get some health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, baby.

I thought it was nice that they sent so many real people to answer questions about health insurance. And I hope some people got some health insurance!

Also, there was this organic fruit/vegetable delivery service straight from local farmers that seemed cool. But then I read reviews online and it said the food comes with tons of bugs in it/everywhere around it. And I thought, “I get that it’s pesticide free and stuff. But I don’t want an insect invasion in my house, and I’m pretty sure my roommate doesn’t either.”

The OC Marathon/Half Marathon booth was there. I told the race director I’d done his race in 2012 – the day after flying in from the Indy 500 Festival. He said he’d heard that was one of the best half marathons in the country. Then I felt sort of bad because my face lit up ’cause I completely agree with that sentiment. It is SUCH a good race! But you don’t want to be flaunting that to some other race director.

I did tell him that I loved about the mile markers in his race, with all the reasons why people run. He said I had a great memory for recalling that. (I do like to think I have a good memory, but it also helped that I blogged about it and recently finished sorting all my pictures from those races…)

The one thing that was almost exciting was that the announcer guy on the stage was giving away something to whomever’s birthday was closed to June 22. (I have no idea why they picked that random day.) I went over and said I was June 25… But someone else was the 20th. Agh! Just barely missed it.

Then I found out they were just giving away some protein shakes I’d never heard of. So, I was fine with it.

They played awesome music at the expo. Every song that came on was basically my jam.

So, a quick expo. Then it was time to get ready for the run which we’ll talk about tomorrow.

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