Learning About Foursquare

January 11, 2014

Foursquare iconContinuing on the theme of having learned more about social media this past year, let’s talk Foursquare.

I always, always, always forget to check in everywhere. Just ask my dad who had to remind me at least 5 times to check in at the National Cowboy Museum.

I think as I start doing more activities (since I’m planning a new 52 in 52 (non-running) project coming up for early 2014 – early 2015), it will become a bit more of a habit to check in.

But can I also tell you something annoying about Foursquare? (Why am I asking? This is a blog. I can tell you anything I want.)

I have a public Foursquare page. As of my writing this, I only have on follower(!) Sad, right?

I know I’m not some super famous celebrity, but I try to have the most public versions of all the social networks that let you choose public or private. On Foursquare, profiles get this handy, convenient, awesome app.

What do pages get? We have to go into chrome on our phones and request the desktop site, then check-in that way. So many extra steps! So much extra frustration. Why would they want to make it so much harder for pages?

But I digress…

When I first signed up for Foursquare, I had to write five “tips.” (This is a requirement to become a page on Foursquare.)

I’ll admit – either because I didn’t know anything about Foursquare, or perhaps because apparently I lack common sense, it didn’t dawn on me that tips are actual helpful, useful tips.

I have since fixed up my page. But I think originally, I said vague stuff such as talking about a place being fun or some such like that. Then, I read an extremely passionate rant-y comment somewhere (even though this amazing, perfect twitter feed says never to read them) not about me specifically, but just about absolutely hating when people leave tips that aren’t an actual tip that someone can use.

Ah. Of course. So, a check in is where you leave your vague stuff. And then a tip is specific, such as “make sure to stop by Prosperity Junction since in my opinion, it’s the most immersive, interesting exhibit.” (Who knows if that’s even specific enough. But hopefully it is. It’s also what you have to do at the National Cowboy Museum.)

I always include a picture of wherever I am because people love pictures. Sometimes this makes things hard because I think you’re supposed to check in right when you get to a place, yeah? But sometimes you don’t get a good picture until you’re about to leave!

It doesn’t super matter whether you check in at the beginning or the end, right? Either way, you’re saying you’re there. So, cool for you. (Although I think you actually may be supposed to check in right when you get there? ‘Cause then you might get deals and stuff? I still don’t completely understand Foursquare…)

That’s all I got on Foursquare. Let me know if you have any things to share about it.

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