The Expenses of 52 Half Marathons – Part 3 (Some Expensive Trips (and Some Foolish Travel Mistakes))

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
Aurora jumping with ocean in the background at the Big Sur half marathon 2012

Tripped up on this race – spending too much with some poor planning/last-second-decision-making… But at least it was an incredibly fun race (and expo!). I don’t regret doing this one at all… Just wish I woulda done it cheaper. (Next time!)

Picking up from yesterday –

I was picking out a couple of specific trips to talk about.

My second most expensive trip was surprisingly the Seattle Quadzilla. Between the rental car and expensive plane tickets, that trip cost about $1,000! (And I even had a free place to stay on that trip!) So, that definitely surprised me when I saw that amount.

Of course, I did do 4 races that weekend. So, if you average that out, it’s not so bad after all…

The race where I most foolishly spent money was Big Sur. It cost $521.86. But I think I picked the wrong hotel, because while I got one that was close, you couldn’t actually walk to the start because of a highway or something. And even though I had a rental car, there was not a ton of parking around there. So I sort of think I may have taken a cab… I’ll have to go back and read the post. But I definitely didn’t pick the right hotel…

But way more importantly than that, I decided to fly all the way to San Francisco. But the drive down in my rental car was so far that I realized it would’ve made more sense to just drive up, which would’ve saved me a round trip plane ticket.

Everything worked out and it was fine. But that trip could’ve absolutely been less expensive.

Another foolish race was the North Carolina half. I had a wonderful time. Because of that, perhaps it wasn’t foolish. However, there was another race in New York (which is where I was staying at the time) that very same weekend. Why did I spend over $300 for lodging and plane tickets to North Carolina when I could’ve done the one in New York?

Aurora in the finisher area of the North Carolina Half Marathon 2012, holding up her finisher medal with a big open mouth smile

I didn’t need to go to North Carolina – but I did meet some wonderful people, and get an incredibly sweet medal. So, it was pretty great, and kinda worth the money to me…

At the time, I hand’t really mapped out all the expenses. I’d recently gotten my tax refund and felt I could splurge. I really wanted that sweet medal that lights up and has moving parts.

Also, the New York race was part of a series. And I didn’t want to do that because I felt, “What’s the point of doing one if I’m not going to finish the series? And I don’t want to travel 4 more times to make not traveling this once worth it.”

Of course, in real life, I could’ve done it and not done the series. But that wasn’t my thinking at the time…

So, that’s where some foolish mistakes were made. But, then I cut corners later. (Some cutting might’ve actually been a bit foolish too, because it leaves you tired and stuff. But obviously I made it through. So doing it without spending as much money as I did in the ones I just mentioned, I would say overall was a good choice.

And I’ll talk more about the expenses tomorrow.

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