What Did I Do With All The T-Shirts? – Part 3 (Picking Colors for My Quilt)

February 2, 2014

Picking up from yesterday

So, we tagged all my shirts. Then, it was time to pick the colors.

Keepsake Theme Quilts will actually awesomely send you color samples so you can see and feel everything in your own hands to really get a sense of what you want.

They’d done this for me. Originally, when I just looked at the samples without thinking about all the shirts and the big picture of the quilt, I was thinking red would be really nice because I love red.

I was thinking red for the overall color, purple for little squares in between the shirts, burgundy for the binding, and blue flannel for the back.

Then, after I got to Ohio and started looking at the colors next to my shirts, I started to realize that as much as I love and adore red, it was going to overwhelm the shirts – which of course are the whole point of the quilt.

Plus, red is such a bold color that it didn’t totally go with some of the shirts in the quilt… I mean, I have a fair amount of colors of shirts in the quilt. So I don’t know of anything, other than maybe black, that would actually go with every shirt.

I’m actually totally okay with that. As long as it looks good overall, I don’t really care if my main color looks slightly off when it’s next to my one or two deep red shirts or my couple of neon shirts… For the most part, it just needs to look good with blue and white since those are definitely the main shirt colors.

I thought about burgundy for a while since I could still keep the idea of red but not have it be quite so in-your-face (as much as I do love stuff that is in your face)… I even went into the quilt place thinking burgundy.

But looking at it one that time, that seemed a little too grown-up of a quilt for me. I’m not sophisticated enough for a burgundy quilt. So I finally landed on purple. I think it’s a beautiful color. I think it goes well with the majority of my shirts. I think it’s still semi-bold without being overwhelming. I like the choice a lot.

Plus, I ran for marriage equality, and purple is often used as a color to stand for equal rights. So, I thought it worked out perfectly all around.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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