(#5) Western Justice Center’s Peer Mediation Invitational (February 25, 2014) – Part 4 (Talking About A New Social Media Network)

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Aurora laughing with high schoolers sitting around a table at the Western Justice Center's Peer Mediation invitationalPicking up from yesterday

Basically our only job during mock mediations was to warn the mediators when they had 30 minutes left and 5 minutes left. As someone who’s stage managed before, I felt right at home giving the 30 minute call.

When it was time to go to lunch, I was ready to say, “places!” (But I didn’t.)

We walked back over (just a couple of doors down) from the courthouse to the Western Justice Center and had some food from El Cholo. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Judge Judy (no, not the one from TV).

She’d done a fellowship at the Supreme Court. She was the judge on a case in which Elizabeth Warren testified in front of her. We talked about Hilary Clinton, Cory Booker, and more. At the beginning of the day, I’d felt a little uncool because I was surrounded by all these awesome lawyers. And who am I? Not a lawyer – that’s who.

But, I felt so comfortable with Judge Judy. Perhaps this was just because she was interesting and brilliant. So, I could get by with a lot of listening and without having to know too much (lol). But I knew enough to keep conversation going (I think, at least). It was definitely fun (for me). She has such a positive attitude, I assume everything is fun for her.

Also, around the middle of the day, one of the volunteers got her email that she was accepted into law school! So, that’s a random aside, I know. But, it was so nice to see someone experience such surprised and pure joy!

After lunch, we all took a short walk back over to the courthouse, and the high schoolers watched a presentation on a new social media network. I won’t give anything away about it in case it’s secret. But it was related to what they’d been studying (in case any of you are thinking, “uh, what? Did the day just take a weird turn?”)

After the presentation, we got to break into groups and talk with the kids about their thoughts on this social media network vs. other ones. And oh my goodness, I could talk about social media all day long (as I’m sure you know)!

Musicals, television shows (sitcoms, dramas, & game shows), politics, and social media – I would talk about all these things forever with you if you wanted.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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