We Must Talk About Last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy

April 2, 2014

*spoilers – including general Grey’s spoilers having to do with other episodes*

I had to put a blog post in here about last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy because in my opinion, it was the best episode of the series. I know that’s saying a lot because it’s an amazing show. But, I was so riveted. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed in the middle of the episode.

I love when TV takes to this place of such deep sadness or pain (or when it takes you to intense joy – just when it makes you feel the outer edges of human emotions).

I care so much about Christina Yang (even though she’s fictional). If I could be anyone on the show, I would absolutely be Christina. Meredith had some really interesting experiences. I adored that episode where she almost drowned. It was done so well.

But, there’s no one I’d rather be than Christina. She’s interesting to me – wildly interesting. And she cares so much about surgery. I love practically any character who has that much passion for anything. I especially love her. She’s strong. She’s passionate. She’s generally not afraid.

I also feel like she’s so real. The arc she had after the plane crash seemed completely real to me.

The only thing I haven’t absolutely loved about Christina’s story is her ridiculous relationship with Owen. I never truly understood what she saw in him in the first place. I never really understood why it’s so hard for her to let him go.

…But you know what? Love makes people absolutely insane. Weird chemical stuff happens in people’s brains. People do things they would never otherwise normally do. It just happens. That’s probably why so many stories involve love – because it makes people totally nuts. And completely nuts characters who can’t always control themselves do different (and possibly more interesting) things than characters who can reason and make smart decisions. So, I get it.

I decide to give the show my suspension of disbelief, and just go with the Owen/Christina thing.

And yes, I get that it’s a little silly that apparently it takes no suspension of disbelief for me to totally follow along with all the explosive disasters, yet Christina loving Owen is insanely hard to believe. But those disasters could totally happen! And she’s Christina. And even if we assumed she would fall in love… with Owen?! What makes him special enough for Christina? She’s Christina! But whatever. I don’t need to belabor it any more because I said I give the show my suspension of disbelief.

Anyway, last week’s show had two timelines. And the first one broke my heart into a million pieces. It got sadder and sadder and by the time she presented the Harper Avery award, I was a loud, sobbing, ridiculous mess. As as been mentioned in this post – she’s Christina! Her life cannot end up like that.

I also found it interesting how her timelines affected the people around her – that in the end Jackson was spared a number of horrible years because of her simply telling him to watch his hand.

The episode was amazing. I want to watch it again. I’m inspired by (and jealous of) the writer’s of Grey’s Anatomy, because in my opinion, that is how you tell a story! They did it. They told a riveting, affecting, wonderful story that I absolutely loved (even if part of it devastated me).

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