(#13) Fight For Air Stair Climb (April 5, 2014) – Part 4 (I Got A Blue Shirt, And I Felt Like A Princess)

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

I’m sure you’re not surprised, I selfishly asked Rebecca if I could in fact have a blue shirt and she said, “of course! You’re definitely a volunteer captain at this point.”

She also explained they actually ran out of the shirts that said “volunteer captain” on the back, and that the ones in the box were just blue Lung Association t-shirts – but it’s what they were using to pass out to captains since they ran out of the other ones. But nonetheless, she wanted to recognize my contribution with a blue shirt.

I really shouldn’t have cared about a shirt color… but I did, and ultimately I got my blue shirt. *hair flip, wipes off shoulders*

After that, it was basically the end of my shift. (I know that getting the blue shirt at the end of my shift makes it all that much more ridiculous. What can I say? Sometimes I’m ridiculous.)

Rebecca told me that they needed a stage manager for the awards ceremony later in the day and that they were all talking about how I’d be the perfect person to do it. I thought that was really sweet. It was nice to feel so very valued and special (and to know that even though I was just trying to get stuff done efficiently without make a big stink about it, that people still totally noticed).

Alas, I had to get to a Mensa board meeting (which I’d told them about, so we all knew I couldn’t stay – though I thought about playing hooky!)

Before I left, Rebecca and Vanessa both said goodbye to me – and they couldn’t have been sweeter. As I said in the blog title, they made me feel like a total princess! Vanessa said, “you just get it. I could tell within minutes of meeting you.”

They both said they’d love to have me help again and I even got an email later thanking me again and giving me information on more volunteer activities.

I know the point of this stuff isn’t to puff myself and feel special, but I’ll still admit that it felt amazing to not only feel like I helped accomplish a lot (and got to be physically active while doing it), but that my work was oh-so-appreciated by the people running the event.

So, amazing day. Wonderful feelings. And perhaps two new best friends!

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