(#22) A Window Between World’s “Art in the Afternoon” Art Walk (May 4, 2014) – Part 1 (The Event)

May 10, 2014

What is A Window Between Worlds? It’s a non-profit organization designed to use art as a healing tool for victims of domestic violence.

I was more than happy to give an afternoon to help an organization with such a noble goal.

They put on this Art Walk called “Art in the Afternoon.” I was assigned to food. When I got there, there was a small volunteer meeting by the stage in which they just thanked us for coming out, and said a little about the day and about A Window Between Worlds. After our little pre-event huddle, we went off to our stations.

I happened to overhear the folks at Super Cool Creamery talking with  one of the coordinators for the event, saying they’d need someone to take tickets. The coordinator was saying the food leader wasn’t there at the moment, but she’d definitely assign someone when she came back over.

I piped up so none of them had to ask to again for something when they saw another coordinator person. I said, “I’m assigned to food and haven’t been given a station yet.”

Boom. I became the ticket person for Super Cool Creamery!

I want to talk to you all about what Super Cool Creamery’s business is. So, I’m gonna give it its own post tomorrow. For now, let’s talk more about the event.

This seemed like a super fun Art Walk, and it looked like people had a great time. You could engage in art projects there, and I always love places where doing things is an option.

Color Me Mine – which is this lovely-sounding in place in Los Angeles that I’ve never been to where you can paint bowls and things – had a tent where you could paint tiles. There were other various art projects around.

Not only was there art you could partake in, there was wonderful art you could enjoy from survivors who were going through A Window Between Worlds’ program.

And there was food. So. much. food.

Since I was a ticket-taker, I thought all the booths took tickets (which translated into money since you had to buy the tickets). But I came to find out no. In-N-Out = free. Panda Express=free. A smorgasbord of vegetables, fruits, and juices from Whole Foods=free. Sprinkles Cupcakes and Hansen’s cakes=free!

Not only were all those things free, the Hansen’s cakes people even walked around with trays trying to give you cake!

I did not indulge in the cake… but I did love one bite of Super Cool Creamery’s ice cream because I had to at least taste it. And I will get into the awesomeness of Super Cool Creamery tomorrow.

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