(#22) A Window Between World’s “Art in the Afternoon” Art Walk (May 4, 2014) – Part 3 (Why Did We Take Tickets If No Other Food Place Did?)

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

So, you might be wondering, as I mentioned in my first post, why we were taking tickets and no one else was.

Well, here’s the thing. Super Cool Creamery is still a start-up (an amazing, awesome start-up). So unfortunately, they don’t have a charity budget for now since there’s not extra money rolling around for that quite yet.

These huge corporations (such as Panda Express and more) could afford to come give away a bunch of food in exchange for promotion. Super Cool Creamery doesn’t even have a store front yet. Right now they only do parties. So I’d think it’s somewhat hard to do promotional exchanges since the group they’d be promoting to is pretty specific. (It’s just people who are going to throw some type of party.)

So, Super Cool Creamery had to be paid to be there. There wasn’t much of a way around it. So, the Art Walk wanted to try to make their money back on hiring Super Cool Creamery, meaning they charged tickets for the ice cream.

You might be wondering, “Well, why is this huge art walk, that’s getting all these heavy hitters for free, spending money on getting a start-up in there?” I think the main answer to that is that Super Cool Creamery’s first year happened to also be the art walk’s first year. So,┬áit worked in the beginning when the art walk wasn’t getting huge sponsors.

And now that Art in the Afternoon has grown exponentially in, I think, only 3 short years, they’re not cutting out Super Cool Creamery probably for a number of reasons… You don’t want to cut out the people who started with you at the very beginning of whatever you’re doing. Also, do you want to cut out that super cool and amazing party-trick food booth?

And then Super Cool Creamery still wants to do it because I think they believe in the organization A Window Between Worlds, and of course they love making ice cream.

So, I see why Super Cool Creamery is invited back, and why they decide to come back. (But it is rough when all day long people keep saying, “what? I have to give you tickets?”… Though I will say, even though people were surprised, they didn’t necessarily seem to mind all that much.)

All I know is I’m so glad Super Cool Creamery was there, and that I got to learn about this amazing place. If I ever throw a party, I know who I’m calling!

(And I have a bit more to say about the art walk tomorrow.

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