(#24b) Technology Fair for Older Adults (May 17, 2014) – Part 2 (What Our Students Were Like)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Aurora smiling with student at Technology Fair for Older AdultsPicking up from yesterday

The people who worked alongside me were Mike and Kyle – co-founders of Home Hero. It sounded like a super passion project to help families find safe, awesome, and affordable home care for seniors.

So, this event was totally their jam – right up their alley about a cause/demographic they care a whole lot about. And they were great with Apple products. So it was nice to have these super knowledgeable partners to work off of.

We were all warned before the technology fair that the people we’d be teaching might barely know anything at all about their devices. But in my experience, people were actually pretty darn skilled, and they were pretty familiar with their devices.

Their questions were for the most part very specific. One thing I thought was interesting was that every person I helped had questions related to connecting with others – “How can I FaceTime my granddaughter?” “How can I make a slideshow with music for my husband’s birthday?” – and other things like that.

I feel like most of the technology questions in my life have been a long the lines of “what’s the best blogging platform to use?” (Btw, in my opinion, it’s wordpress.) “How do I do this or that in html so I can make this site look better?” (“How can I get the sounds on my computer to be Michael Jackson themed?” :-P)

Aurora De Lucia listening to person at the Technology Fair for Older AdultsBut I didn’t hear questions that revolved around building their brands or doing novelty things for the fun of it – just questions on how to stay more connected to family… which was perhaps one of the main things technology was made for in the first place?

I also liked how nice everyone was. Some of our “students” kept telling me and the guys I work with, “You’re so adorable! You’re so smart and helpful!” And the compliments just kept coming – which of course was pretty rad. Who doesn’t want to be adorable, smart, and liked? Some of my dreams in life are just to embody those adjectives!

It was a lovely day. I had a wonderful time, and I hope the information I tried to give to people proves useful to them!

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