Color Me Rad 5k! – Part 3 (Yeah, I’m Still Talking About the Roughness Of The Outfit For This)

June 16, 2014

Aurora with a huge smile posing after Color Me RadPicking up from yesterday

When I put on the full outfit, it hadn’t dawned on me that the white Color Me Rad t-shirt was short-sleeved! I like to be perpetually in long sleeves. I don’t love showing off my appendages. They don’t have wonderful shapes – but they look like they just might when in clothing. It’s all trickery! My precious, precious trickery being ripped away.

Yet again though, I shrugged. I’ve put together a basically white outfit. I’m not gonna worry about my arms.

I did however realize I should’ve worried about my teeth! This is one reason you avoid white outfits – even the whitest teeth look duller when you’re wearing white! Aye, aye, aye.

I haven’t gotten my teeth bleached in I think about 8 months or so. So, they’re still pretty white. But they could be whiter. (I haven’t been the best at using my at-home whitening trays, but after this I’m going to start, baby! I gotta be ready for anything, apparently since you never know when all your trickery is going to be taken away.)

I realized, though, when I was looking at photos online from other Color Me Rads – people’s teeth actually often look great because they’re shining out in a mess of color. So, let’s just try to make that happen.

So, I got dressed in my pretty unflattering outfit (that would hopefully become flattering once I distracted you with all the colors. Pa-pow!), ready to take the world by storm. After all, who cares, right? (Apparently me since I’m talking about it… but let’s not focus on that.)

I’m there to get splashed in color – not to be gorgeous. I’m there to be fun. (You could be both at the same time, but I’m sure it takes oh so much work).

Can you even imagine what you’d need to do to look good at one of those P. Diddy white parties? I never thought of the work that would need to go into it until I got ready for this. Goodness gracious that would be stressful. (I’d still love to be invited, but I’d need some time to plan.. and to totally bleach out my teeth like no one has before…)

Enough about Sean Diddy combs. Let’s get back to Color Me Rad tomorrow.

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