I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 10 (Waiting Right Outside of the Actual Store (The Line Is Moving; We’re Almost There!))

July 19, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton signing books at Barnes and Noble at the Grove in Los AngelesPicking up from last time –

I adore Hillary. So, I feel weird complaining about anything, even in jest. But she’s the strongest person on the planet. She can take it without issue. (Also, she has no idea who I am or what I’m saying. So, there’s that too.)

As we waited and were talking about how incredible it’d be if she had a photographer, we also talked about how even though Hillary’s twitter is pretty great, she didn’t even tweet to let us know when she’d be in our city!

If I follow you on twitter, and you come to Los Angeles, I need you to tell me! As I was on my little mini-rant in line and emphatically said something like I just said – only adding girlfriend at the end – one of my new friends looked at me and said, “Please walk in there and say that to her. Walk up to the table, say, ‘you gotta tweet me when you’re in my city, girlfriend!’ Then add a snap for emphasis at the end.”

Of course I did not actually do that. But we laughed about how crazy that would be.

I couldn’t believe the time finally came to turn the corner and walk down the street to the front of Barnes & Noble!

It felt so amazing waiting there at the door of the actual store. We were really here. It was getting real. She was inside, and we would be soon enough.

Every person who came out was absolutely glowing. Some stopped to tell us that Hillary engages with each person. We heard you have time to say a sentence or so, then she’d probably say something to you, look you in the eye, and shake your hand.

After hearing that, people in line started getting pretty darn nervous. “Hillary is going to listen to me say a sentence? What in the world am I going to say? What’s a good sentence for Hillary?”

I thought Id’ say, “Thank you so much for sacrificing your life to help all of us.” I got so nervous, I don’t think I said anything much except thank you… But I’m sure she knows we all appreciate her – judging by both how long we all waited in line, and how many, many people kept circling through telling her how incredible she is.

As we were waiting outside, there were two people who showed up with an anti-Hillary poster. 2 people. 1 poster. That was the entirety of anything I saw causing a ruckus. They were yelling something like “go away,” but none of us even really registered it. We’re too busy hearing harps and angels singing as we’re about to walk into that store!

Basically, that teeny tiny little protest type thing didn’t make any sense. Why are you two here? We obviously love her. She and her team can’t even hear you. You’re outnumbered a thousand to one. What is the point of you being there?

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