I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 11 (We Are In! We Are In The Store)

July 21, 2014

people getting wander at the Grove Los Angeles before meeting Hillary Clinton
We gotta get wanded before we meet Hillary Rodham

Picking up from last time –

We finally get in to the actual Barnes & Noble! We did it. We’re in the store in the line to meet her. This is really happening.

First, we go up to the second floor. We pass that little makeshift bag check Barnes & Noble had after all. It confused everyone after the whole “no bags, no bags whatsoever. We will turn you away if you bring a bag in here, bubby,” but we just walked on.

Someone in front of me actually mentioned the idea of having a photographer to one of the people working bag check. But the Barnes & Noble employee said this book signing was so much bigger than most that they’re already stretched thin, and logistically, it would’ve been too hard to add the element.

Though, I’d just like to posit that unless there’s something I’m completely missing, it wouldn’t have caused any extra headache. The photographer would’ve just been there at the end of the long table, out of everyone’s way. Maybe she’d have someone handing out cards with the website to people as they walked out so they knew where to go to get their pictures. And that’s it!

No money or pictures or anything changes hands at the event. If marathons and sporting events and basically everybody else can make this work, I’d think Hillary Clinton’s people can too.

(She should hire me, right? I’m coming up with money-making ideas that would also put her in picture frames and phones everywhere, with people looking at her and remembering her with a smile daily – so much positive reinforcement…)

Anyway, no sense harping on something that didn’t exist (even if it should have…)

After we pass bag check, we get wanded by a security squad. Once we’re cleared, we get to go up to the 3rd floor.

On the 3rd floor, we snake through rows of books. We start peering over shelves. Can you see her? Can you see her? Can you see her?

We can see her. I have to stand as high on my toes as I can, but I can see her!

This is where we’ll pick up next time.

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