Irvine Lake “Summer of Mud” Obstacle Course Run – Blindfolded! (June 21, 2014) – Part 11 (Changing Clothes Post Race)

August 7, 2014

Aurora reaching up to her guide in the mud at the Irvine Lake Mud Rud 2014Picking up from last time (with the reasons I shouldn’t have left my over-shirt and vest outside the women’s changing rooms) –

First, I shouldn’t have wanted to leave my clothes because, well, for one thing, this is southern California! You don’t leave anything anywhere. Ever. Or else it’s gonna be gone, my friend.

Second, I shouldn’t have left anything that was only semi-clean because what I learned in the tent while changing was that you want to put every dirty thing you have in a plastic bag while you’re naked. That way once you finally put your clean clothes on, you no longer have to touch anything muddy.

Third, it’s sort of rude. I didn’t think about it as I was doing it. But once I came out of the changing room, I learned that a janitor had come along and thrown away my clothes. We’ll get to how super sad this is for me in a second. But, for now I’ll say that if a janitor thinks I’m littering, that means most likely I put my clothes in kind of a rude place. So, I’ll own that.

Okay, end of reasons. Now let’s talk about what a bummer it is that now my bib is gone forever! I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, but I knew I wanted to do something with my beat up, muddy, crazy bib. But, since it was attached to my over-shirt and thrown in the trash while I was changing, I don’t get to frame it or anything.

Aurora getting pulled out of mud by her guides at the Irvine Lake Obstacle Course Mud Run 2014I also never get to wear my shirt from the race, since we all wore out Blindstart shirts to do the race (so that was indeed my over-shirt). I went back to the tent after the race to see if they had any more. They didn’t have a single extra shirt.

It’s all good and fine. I still have my medal, and how many shirts or bibs or other stuff does one girl need? Everything is fine, but in the moment it was sort of a bummer.

At the blind start tent, I left a $15 donation to make up for the vest and blindfold I lost (since it had been thrown away). So, that was another big bummer – losing stuff that wasn’t even mine.

Note to self – don’t ever leave your stuff around! How is this still a lesson I’m learning? I didn’t think anything would happen to some semi-muddy clothing at a mud run, but alas, I should’ve known.

I’ll wrap up the rest of this tomorrow.

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