That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 22 (Big Kidney Day! – Some Complaining)

August 20, 2014

Aurora holding a water bottle outside the hosptial
The huge water bottle they gave me after my test with contrast – reminding me to hydrate

Picking up from yesterday –

So, this is super annoying because there are definitely times of the year when I work more and less than others. (I’m sure this is true of many professions.) So, telling me that March is a definite possibility when it is absolutely not at all a possibility is annoying to me.

So, the earliest I could’ve possibly given a kidney, I now found out was June. But what if June didn’t work for me? The 2nd half of the year is usually the time I work the most. Your kidney tests are only good for a year after you have them. So, if March/April was the best time for me, and I knew that couldn’t be accommodated with starting tests in December, then I might’ve waited until July-ish and started having tests looking forward to March/April the following year…

‘Cause all those labs and 24-hour urine collections I did in December/January, they all would’ve expired, and they would’ve needed to be done again had I had to wait ’til March the following year.

Of course, the point is kind of moot now because I was rejected. Also, my schedule isn’t super rigid. It doesn’t have to be March. I’m just saying, though, when I go out of my way to clarify information (at least three times during the process) and make absolutely sure I’m on the right page with what’s going on… then why don’t you just give me the full picture? What is so hard about that?

And while we’re complaining, here we go. Let’s complain again!

At the end of my day, I had to see a psychologist. Why? Because I wanted to give a kidney to a stranger.

Now, let me just say this. One of the guys from Big Kidney Day… Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all trying to throw him under the bus. He seemed like an incredibly sweet, wonderful human being… But one of the guys barely knew his person. I mean, really.

I don’t remember the exact line of connection. But it was something like his co-worker’s wife’s church friend (or something like that) needed a kidney. But did he have to see a psychologist? No! Why? Because he “knew” the person. So, can I just ask you, where do we draw the line of “stranger”? So, to me, this seemed pretty unfair.

You know what else I find a little silly about this whole 3-month waiting period/extra psychologist visit for an altruistic donor… I would think if anyone has made a thoughtful/logical decision, it’s the person who just wants to give to a stranger. I would think there’d be way more likelihood of pressure and possible regret when family is involved. As they said in Sex and the City, “love is not logical!” You hear someone you love is sick, and your emotions jump out the window.

So, the whole things seems a bit backwards to me, but oh well. I’ll jump through your hoops. It’s fine. It’s just one more meeting. I like meeting people… usually.

And I’ll pick up here next time.

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