That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 32 (Big Kidney Day! – My Perception of the Interviews vs The Interviews )

September 24, 2014

Picking up from yesterday

I’m sure some of you are probably asking, “Were the interviews really that bad or are you exaggerating for effect?”

As far as I’m concerned, they were basically that bad. I did not record them. So, I can’t get anyone else’s impartial (or at least semi-impartial) opinion. I understand that our perceptions color everything in our lives.

Maybe the social worker and psychologist weren’t trying to come off they way they did. And maybe they didn’t quite come across as strong as I thought they did. But I’d say my recounting of the story is pretty darn close to accurate (or at least as to what I perceive as accurate).

Also, let’s think about this for a second: I’ll straight up admit, I am very opinionated. I am definitely stubborn. People have certainly described me as “very direct.” (I think that’s been said to me out here mainly because L.A. head games and “L.A. code” drives me crazy). So, I will not act as though I was some angel who sat and very calmly reacted to everything that was supposed to set me off.

But while I’m direct and opinionated, I have also (many times) been described as “very sweet, kind, thoughtful,” etc. Most of the time, I am nice to people. And most of the time, I know how to handle myself in a room.

Even if I get argumentative with someone, it’s never in a bullying way (I hope!).

But let’s pretend that I was really goading these women and being not a nice person to them.

Let’s go back to the idea they stated – that they don’t have to like me. They said it wasn’t about my personality, but whether I could handle kidney donation.

Basically, they explained that they are there to make sure I’m making an informed choice, and that I’m capable of making that important (and informed) choice. They make sure I’m financially stable enough to give a kidney (which involves taking a couple weeks off of work). And boom, there you have it.

Even if we pretended like I were a total and complete jerk to them, it honestly shouldn’t matter! I like to think I’m not a jerk. But even if I were – if I were a competent jerk whose bank account checks out, put me on the operating table, baby!

Even though I was about 99.99% sure that I was going to get rejected as a kidney donor, they had me continue on with the charade as there were still more tests to do (that they like to do at their own facilities, which is why I didn’t do them in California).

So, we’ll talk about those next time.

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