(#39) Long Beach 5k – Handing Out Medals (October 12, 2014) – Part 2 (Trying to Make a Change)

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Aurora De Lucia smiling with medals at the Long Beach 5k 2014Picking up from last time

The two people I’d talked to sounded so on board, but when I asked if they wanted to start a third line, they were not doing it.

They almost seemed a little afraid, but I wondered what they were afraid of. We were left to our own devices here, and what we’re doing obviously isn’t working. So, how about we try something new?

Had a black-shirted person perhaps come by before we started and somehow I missed them setting us in this configuration? Is that why people didn’t want to move?

Or were we just living in the awful status quo? No one was communicating any reasons not to move with me. (Of course a lot was going on at a finish line, so I’m not saying it would’ve been easy to do that, as things are happening quickly…)

Anyway, I had no power whatsoever. We’re all just green shirts. So, I really can’t ask the people to make a 3rd line. I can say it’s a good idea and ask if they want to. And if no one moves their butt, what kind of authority do I have? None.

So, I decide I will just go over to the huge empty space on the left side of the finish line, and see if runners come over to me. And maybe if I get busy, then other volunteers will decide to come over with me.

So, I go over there – an no one does come over with me. Nonetheless, I’ve still helped us to spread out at least a little. And some runners do come over to me.

Now, I am giving it my freaking all over here. In between runners, I’m dancing to the music and cheering people on. When people do come in, I give them a great big congratulations and put the medal on the person (unless they choose to put it on themselves).

And then, a black-shirted volunteer person comes over to me.

In a tone as though she’s admonishing me, she says, “I’m gonna need you to hand out medals” (as I’m handing out medals, mind you!).

So, uh, can you tell me what I’ve been doing all this time, then?

This is where I’ll pick up next time.

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