Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2014 (October 26, 2014) – Part 2 (Putting Together The Last Minute Costume)

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Aurora running, with a pretty determined face, during Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 2014Picking up from last time –

I’d put the decision off for so long that there were only two days left before the race!

I googled to see if there were any Mo’ne Davis Halloween costumes, but alas, I did not find any. I asked around to some costume-making friends and no one had the time on such short notice. I then tried to hire a task rabbit to put the look together for me one piece at a time. She said she was having too much trouble doing it, and that I should pick someone else.

Thankfully, there was amazing Chloe to save the day.

(I’d needed to hire a PA for Living with the Jacksons, a show I was working on (that we will so talk about), so I hired an alum from my high school who’d just graduated. So, she was staying with me while trying out California.)

Anyway, she stepped up to the plate and said she’d be more than happy to do it! Thank goodness for Chloe, and her problem-solving skills, and her positive attitude. (No wonder I hired her on a TV show. I’d hire her again!)

By the time I’d finally made it to Chloe (and exhausted those other options), it was the day before the race. She had one day. (Tons of applause to her.)

I was in rehearsal all day. And she’d give me little updates or ask my opinion on things. I loved knowing the costume was coming together. I was slightly nervous that maybe something wouldn’t fit. But she knew my size, and I just had to trust things would fit. (And they did.)

When I got home, I would say I was pleasantly surprised, but I wasn’t surprised as I had faith in her. Nonetheless, it was still very pleasant to come home to my awesome costume!

Aurora alongside a photo of Mo'ne Davis, with both of them laughing at a bunnyThe only thing I wish we would’ve been able to do was to get a maroon hat. Chloe said she looked at at least 3 different stores. I ran out to Target (as it was the only thing close and open by the time I got home) to see if there was anything even close to Maroon.

(I think she’d even already been to Target. I trusted her, of course, but still thought it wouldn’t hurt to look since it was just a couple of blocks away.)

Not surprisingly, since she’d already looked and found nothing, I found nothing either. But I did buy an extra hat, and cut out some of the maroon fabric from my undershirt and try to glue it on. I made a total mess of that hat. So, we went with the grey one after all.

All in all though, I was obviously Mo’ne Davis – even down to the little details of Chloe putting the small stripes down the side of my pants. So, thanks Chloe! You’re awesome.

And I’ll pick up with the race next time.

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