A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 3 (The Day Starts Much Quicker Than I Thought)

December 5, 2014

Picking up from last time –

At Price, we had tons of time before we got anywhere close to the interview – tons! We got name tags, filled out paperwork, got numbers, took pictures in front of the green screen, ordered food if we wanted it. And between all that, we had more than enough time to go to the CBS store, or use the bathroom, and on and on.

I thought we would be in Let’s Make a Deal for hours. I thought there’s be tons of time before we even needed to put our costumes on.

But no. The interview is one of the very first things at Let’s Make a Deal!

Before you even walk into the gate, you’re signing paperwork, whipping out your ID, and getting your name tag and number. Compared to Price is Right, this is happening at lightening speed!

Once you walk in the gate, the first thing you do in interview! (Well, okay, actually you walk through security/the metal detector first. Then you interview.)

The interviews are held in this little entryway on your way in to the air-conditioned tent (where you ‘ll wait for the show).

Some members of our group weren’t in costume yet, so we had to messily, hurriedly try to do it outside (where there really wasn’t much space).

When we walked in for the interview, I still had my “Who’s Bad?” hat on.

I was only wearing it to protect my skin from the sun (and ’cause I love that hat). It wasn’t part of my costume or anything, as I knew that clothing with copyrighted designs can’t be worn on Let’s Make a Deal.

The point is, it was really stupid of me to be wearing that hat in the interview. If I knew I couldn’t wear it on the show, why would I have it on for the interview?!

I don’t know. My best excuse is that you walk in from outside (not even through a door – just as you step under the shady part of this entryway (which will lead to a real door), you have the interview. So, since I was walking in from the sun, that’s why my hat was on. And I just didn’t take it off quickly enough. Sigh.

Before we even got to me introducing myself, Jacob* (*or at least, we’ll call him that for the purposes of the public blog) (the guy who ran the interviews) said I probably wouldn’t be allowed to wear that hat.

I was almost apologetically compliant, taking the hat off immediately.

And aye, aye, aye, my interview becomes a complete mess – which is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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