Applauding Stephen Colbert

December 18, 2014

Stephen Colbert on his show, sitting at his desk with the Statue of Liberty in the background
Image Credit: Comedy Central/Busboy Productions

I know that I have a million things to talk about.

…I’m a few volunteer activities behind. I’ve been on a vegetarian challenge for about 4 and a half months, and I have some things to say about that. I’ve lost close to 70 pounds from my heaviest weight, and some people want to hear about that.

Heck, I still have some 52 half marathons posts (about a news story from a year ago, plus my medal display, and some other wrapping up thoughts) that are still in my drafts folder!

So, I know it might seem silly. What are we doing talking about some television show when the blog is sort of supposed to be about my life, and I have plenty of life stuff to talk about?

Well, I know it might be exceptionally hard to believe, but I actually get tired of talking about myself sometimes! (I know! can you even fathom that?) Also, I loooooove television. I work in television. Some times I want to talk about TV! And I couldn’t let tonight go by without saying something about the end to the Colbert Report. (Awwwwww. The end – so sad.)

Let’s talk about Stephen Colbert for a sec. Here are just some of his incredible accomplishments. He’s an author who landed a book on the New York Times Best Seller List. He’s been by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People – more than once. He made up a word that got added to the dictionary. He’s halfway to an EGOT (with multiple Grammys and Emmys).  He also has 2 Peabody awards. Heck, he even has a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor named after him. Not to mention he’s raised an incredible amount of money for charities he believes in. And he’s inspired a generation to know more about politics. Look at how he’s changed the world.

He is exceptional.

If you watch interviews of him when he’s not being his character, you see how incredibly smart and kind he is. And when you see him in character, you can’t help but marvel at what an incredible actor he is!

To me, Stephen Colbert is sort of the quintessential jack of all trades. Sometimes my interests seem a little broad. And if I start to wonder if it’s possible to do so many things… look at Stephen Colbert! He has a treadmill on the International Space Station named after him! He has 4 different species named after him as well. He was the assistant sports psychologist for the US Olympic speed skating team!

He is constantly proving to us that anything is possible.

Aaaaand, not only that. But he started his show in his 40s! In Hollywood, the message that’s often put out is that if you haven’t done something by 24, it’s over. You’ve expired. I do understand that he’s a white man… which does make things slightly easier for him. (I also realize that as a white woman I still speak from a place of some privilege that some people don’t have… even if I do not get to enjoy the privilege that males get.)

Nonetheless, the point is, he kept plugging away. He continues to show us all the time that anything is possible. He is all over the internet right now! Everyone is talking about him. And he deserves it.

I hope he’s enjoying every moment of his time smack in the middle of the spotlight as the belle of the ball. And I hope it’s just one of many he’ll enjoy in life. Thanks, Stephen Colbert, for so many years of laughter and inspiration. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

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