A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 5 (More On The Interview Groups)

December 19, 2014

Picking up from last time –

So, we tried a little to analyze the interviews, but how do we have any idea what Jacob looks for in contestants, or which other potential contestants we’re up against that day?

The things I learned from my interview experience are:

1) Go into the Let’s Make a Deal gate ready with whatever you’re wearing. Don’t be stressed trying to costume up as you’re walking in toward the interview area. (And don’t have copyrighted designs on, even if you know you’ll take it off. They don’t know you, and they don’t know that. So just show them what they’re gonna see on TV.)

2) I don’t know if this is something that actually matters at all or not. But I think the best order of which to interview is to have the person you’re gunning for to become a contestant be the first person who’s seen. Then, just have the support crew bringing up the rear to support the initial bam, awesomeness.

Now, I didn’t think that going in. And I still may only think that because my interview was such a tremendous train wreck (which also would not have been a good closer, so maybe there was no winning with that one).

At Price is Right, it didn’t really matter because we went up in groups of 12 or so. I didn’t think much about the order, or trying to pick good openers and closers, because we were in the middle of a bigger group.

But at LMAD, when they do all parties separately, it may be something to think about. (Or maybe it’s only something to think about in my head. Who knows what all goes into it!)

I can think of at least 5 people I know, off the top of my head, who went to Let’s Make a Deal and became contestants. (And every one of them won something – though one lost $7k in favor of $700, which hurts so hard, I’m sure.)

At one point, I’d started tallying (in my mind) people I saw on LMAD and thought, “wait a second, I know that person! And I could’ve sworn I got up to 7 or 8, but I can only think of 5 at the moment. Nonetheless, 5 is a pretty good amount…

The point is, seeing all these people go and get on, I’d assumed it was easy. I thought if Jaime or B went, bam, they’re in. But alas, it did not work that way. I’d love to see them go back (perhaps without their bad luck charm – or at least with me not wearing that hat! Aye, aye, aye.)

Anyway, I’ll get off all this business and pick up here next time.

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