Trip To Ohio (To Wrap Up The 52 Half Marathons) – Part 1 (B and Her New iPhone)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Aurora and B taking a selfie at the Verizon store

while waiting at Verizon for her phone to be activated

Almost a year ago, I went to Ohio to get all my t-shirts from my 52 half marathons made into a quilt, and get my medal display and all of that.

I wrote about some of it, and some of it has lived in my drafts folder forever!

This is also the 2-year anniversary of finishing that last bonus race in the 52 half marathons series. (2 years!) So, it’s time to finally finish out the rest of these posts.

While I was working on the final loose ends of the 52 half marathons project, I realized in the talk of quilts and news stories and things, I completely skipped over my actual trip to Ohio – my magical trip!

(By the way, this may be more of a thing that belongs in a diary, rather than a “isn’t this so fun and interesting to people who don’t know me” thing. So if you don’t want to read about these people you don’t know, I hope to see you soon!)

Basically, there were three main highlights of this awesome trip (aside from seeing my Daddy, which you can always assume is a highlight – but you know, he’s Daddy. So he kind of goes without mentioning… even though I did just mention him here… and aside from Planet Smoothie which is always necessary and one of the greatest things on Earth).

1) – B

I got to see my amazing, spectacular, just beyond words mentor and theater teacher. (You’ve heard about her many time on the blog. I refer to her here on this blog as B. I had a whole thing about her transition (not retirement!) party.

Not only did I see her, but I was with her to help her set up and use her first iPhone! And, not only did she get her first iPhone – she has my actual iPhone! She thought she was eligible for an upgrade, but due to reasons not really worth getting into here, she didn’t actually have one available.

However, I finally upgraded from a 4 to a shiny new beautiful, breathtaking 5s. (You can tell how long this post has been drafted, since I was happily talking about the 5s!)

So, since I had this extra physical phone no longer needed, she took mine! My love of Apple products, and my love for her all coming together into this day of fun was so special and fun! And now we text – with emojis even! So, I was pretty stoked to be a part of that.

And I’ll pick up with the last of the Ohio trip tomorrow.

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