Trip To Ohio (To Wrap Up The 52 Half Marathons) – Part 2 (Hanging with High School Buds – What What)

January 22, 2015

David and Aurora taking a selfie in the drivewayPicking up from yesterday –

 2) – David

And I got to see David! (You may remember him from this race). I adore him. I’m very well aware that I adore him, so it blows my mind when I see him and realize I somehow adore him even more than I do in my head!

He was just as kind and sweet as ever. When it was snowing, he insisted I jump in the car to be warm while he wiped off the windows.

When we spent the day together, he looked up some cool place I’d never been to for brunch then we took a nice long walk and explored this book store he loved that I’d never been to. And I loved the he put thought into the day and thought about things I’d like to do.

He’s just so lovely and polite and precious and wonderful (and brilliant). And I’ll forever be grateful he’s in my life. (And perhaps he even seems all that much better ’cause I’m getting way too used to Los Angeles people!)

3) – Trivia!

David and Aurora taking a second selfie in the driveway
I had no photos of trivia, but two with David. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I put ’em both up!

It felt like high school. Randomly, a number of us all happened to be visiting over the same little time period in January. As so often happens, I was last in and first out. However, I still overlapped with people. So we went and did something we love – bar trivia. We came close to winning, but alas never did. I wanted to continue to stay in Ohio until we got the title!

But you know, I had to go be a grown up and work and all that other lame responsible stuff. (It didn’t matter too terribly much anyway ’cause a short 2 or so weeks after I left, the group started breaking up as David went back to DC.)

It’s always better to be left wanting more. You can certainly have too much of a good thing. So, I think I left at just the right time, and I had such a lovely time. And I hope maybe a bar trivia rematch can happen for us all sometime.

Tomorrow we’ll get into the actual (possibly) interesting stuff for you – the final posts (finally!) on the 52 half marathons.

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