Has My Opinion About College Changed Now? – Part 2 (Final Thoughts)

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

This class also showed to me that things in life are so intertwining. As we learned about various reforms throughout the years, they’d be tied to presidents, vice presidents, wars, and other historical people or events.

Some people seemed to have such an exceptional grasp of history – to know immediately, once a time period was established, who the major players were, and what major events were going on.

Of course I know some stuff about history. But I learned through this class that I’m not as comfortable as many people are. Quick! Who was president after Grover Cleveland?

Did you just say, “Well, it depends on which term, because Grover Cleveland was the only president to serve non-consecutive terms. So, it’s either Benjamin Harrison or William McKinley?” If you did say that, I am totally amazed… And I’m not on your level.

That’s a bit overwhelming to me. I know I could read and take classes for the rest of my life if I wanted to. I’m sure the more I seek to learn, the more I’ll learn and retain. So, I may be able to kick it with the best of the history buffs at some point.

I still question whether I should’ve read/studied more earlier. But the idea of possible regret has been talked to death. So, let me get back on the subject if my opinion of college has changed.

Here are the two things that have definitely changed.

I used to be kind of judge-y about these kinds of extension or non-traditional classes. I’m sure there are all sorts of various levels of them. But I can tell you now that I’m much more likely to be impressed with someone who’s gone through a full program.

It is tough to juggle your work and general life with school! And it is hard to do it across the country from everyone else. It’s doable obviously. But it’s more of a feat than I ever gave people credit for.

Speaking of not giving people credit, there are still plenty of places on the internet where people say Harvard Extension is not real Harvard. I’ve never taken a class at Harvard College. But I know that I was taught by a Harvard professor, we delved very deep into the subject, and I learned a lot. My impression is that Harvard Extension is legit. Internet people can say what you want. But I think it’s pretty tough.

The other thing that’s changed is that in general, I also didn’t think all that much of a Bachelor’s Degree – like, okay, y’all got a piece of paper. Good for you.

I think because I never really saw many of my friends study – I just saw them playing frisbee and video games, and generally having a grand ol’ time – that college must be an easy ride. Of course, I never really took into account that I lived nowhere near my friends in college. So, anytime I got to see them, it was a rare and lovely occurrence. Of course they’re not going to have their head in a book when a visitor is there! Of course we’re gonna stay up all night and have fun!

So, after one class I’ve already realized I think college is a lot tougher (and more time consuming) than I imagined. Sorry to any students/graduates I’ve judged (or have had judgmental thoughts about). Y’all are doing more work than I realized.

2 thoughts on “Has My Opinion About College Changed Now? – Part 2 (Final Thoughts)

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      lol Obviously your class was pretty hard, or I would’ve easily gotten an A, not a B! 🙂

      I will say it was probably the toughest academic class I took at Berklee. (I say academic specifically because I had some really tough MP&E classes. But how can I compare the toughness of an academic subject one can study to the toughness of being creative and judged on said creativity (mixed with an understanding of the consoles and such…)?) You’re a lovely teacher trying to whip us music kids into shape and make a more gen-ed type class interesting to us. I raise my glass to you, sir! 🙂


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