My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 1 (Forgot My ID! Relegated To The Afternoon Show)

February 13, 2015

Aurora De Lucia and her dad outside of Sunset Bronson Studios for a Let's Make a Deal taping
(This was taken after, not before. That’s why my dad was wearing that hat. :-P)

I went to Let’s Make a Deal once before this.

So, if you want the pre-experience that talks about the process and speeches and everything, you can go there (or you can easily, happily start here – it’s all up to you!).

This time, my dad came to town! (Yay!)

We wanted to go to a taping of The Price is Right, because he’s never been. (I think he’d make a great contestant.) Unfortunately, that wasn’t taping the week he was here… But Let’s Make a Deal was!

I was still wanting to give LMAD my best shot, as I’d now been game-show eligible again for almost 6 months! Get it together, Aurora! Right?

So, on September 11th, 2014, my dad and I went. We were supposed to go to the morning show, but I forgot my ID! (Aye, aye, aye.)

A person working the line said I was still welcome to go in, I just couldn’t play. I don’t know how I actually responded, but it felt like I maybe gave her a rude look. Definitely my gut reaction was, “Come on! What’s the point in going if I can’t play?” (Though, I’ll admit there are instances when you’d go even if you can’t play – such as if I’d gone to TPiR with my dad, with the hope that he’d get chosen.)

Anyway, hopefully my face didn’t read as, “uhhh, why in the world would I be here to not play? This is Let’s Make a Deal!” (Apologies to that woman if I came off rude.)

There wasn’t enough time to get downtown and back for the morning taping, but we were told we could come back and jump in the standby line for the afternoon show.

Aurora, her dad, and their two new friends at Tub's Chili in Culver CityThankfully, when I looked online, there were still priority (guaranteed) tickets available for the afternoon.

So, Daddy and I went back to my apartment, grabbed my ID, and printed out the new tickets.

Since we had some time to kill, my dad wanted to take me to his favorite pizza place from when he used to live here. We drove to his old stomping grounds… and Backstop Pizza was gone.

But we did find this incredible chili place (Tub’s Chili), run by the funny Rancher Rick, where they even served vegan chili! So, we were all about it.

In my leftovers, I realized I had a jalapeno – which was the quickie deal announced on twitter. Score. (That will not matter in this story, but I thought it was a cool enough happenstance to mention it.)

Now, it’s off to the afternoon taping! I’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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