My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 14 (I Thought We’d All Be Into Analyzing Our Performances…)

March 3, 2015

Aurora De Lucia laughs pointing behind herself on Let's Make a Deal
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

(Missed any part? Here’s the whole series.)

Picking up from last time

The longer I wait in there, the more it starts to really dawn on me that I lost a free trip.

I went in to the taping saying, “I hope I get something great or a zonk (since Let’s Make a Deal is the only place you can be zonked).”

But let’s get real, I wanted something great! I really wanted a trip. And I could’ve had one! Aye, aye, aye.

I thought I was cool with it, but I slowly became more moan-y and uncool with it.

When I say (in the room) that I’m kinda bummed I got zonked, someone else pipes up with, “Yeah, those were nice diamonds.” That’s when I start breaking down my game. “Once the trip was gone, I wanted to avoid the diamonds,” I say.

And as I explained to the people around me the same thought process I explained to you earlier in this series, people just kind of looked at me with this gaping mouth face.

One zonked person said she was excited to learn there was a Zonk Redemption episode. One person asked, “You were thinking all that while you were up there?”

As I said, I thought we were all going to break down our games, but from what I gathered, basically no one else used any strategy. I know you can’t use much on Let’s Make a Deal. But some people literally just thought right on the surface, “Uh, eenie, meanie…”

One guy who passed up going for the Big Deal Of The Day even said the reason he didn’t go for it was because he didn’t want to get zonked! He didn’t realize there were no zonks in the Big Deal.

Wayne Brady and Aurora De Lucia hugging on Let's Make a Deal
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

I thought I’d found my people, but alas, I had not.

I did learn that the guy who’d won the Big Deal had been to a taping once before and not gotten called. I asked if he did anything differently and he said no.

That was kind of interesting to me. In the past (and sometimes still), I’ve made the assumption that if you don’t get picked, you must be doing something wrong. But maybe you’re just against crazy competition. Or maybe a contestant producer is having a bad day and you say something that otherwise wouldn’t bother them.

Lots of factors play into things. I guess you could go, and go again without changing anything, and get picked. (After all, Michael did.) Maybe I over-think too much after all! Of course I believe in giving yourself the best chances at every audition of any kind you go to. But I guess some of it really is out of your control… Hmmm.

Within all my super-analyzing in the room, I think it’s possible I may be getting a little obnoxious in there. Oof.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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