Uh, Of Course There’s a Difference Between The Price Is Right, and Let’s Make a Deal

March 14, 2015

Aurora ecstatic on floor with head up on The Price is Right
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

I spent a fair amount of time comparing The Price Is Right with Let’s Make a Deal in my posts.

It seemed easy to do. They’re similar in that people come off the street to win prizes that day. Also, Mike Richards is an Executive Producer on both. Since I had experiences on seemingly similar shows, it was easy to compare them.

Then I talked to one of my brilliant friends.

It did not take him long at all to convince me that of course things have to be done differently! At first I didn’t love that reactions were re-taped on Let’s Make a Deal, but my friend made me see that the show would feel ridiculously flat if all of the contestants were all, “Well, I didn’t get this or that, but it’s okay.”

These shows thrive on the crying in defeat and the screaming in victory. The ups and the downs make these shows. On The Price is Right, the show is never going to be flat. People will be upset or happy about losing or winning – because there is no other option on that show. You don’t get a choice between one thing or another. So, of course the producers let you react normally.

On Let’s Make a Deal, you still have to have strong reactions in order for the show to not be flat. My guess is that even if you want to choose to make your strong reaction joy about not getting something you’d never use, you’re not allowed to go that way with it, as the sponsors might get upset.

Aurora with a thinking face on Let's Make a Deal
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

So, if you have to have strong reactions to keep the show moving in an interesting way, and if you have to have certain reactions to make sponsors happy, then of course the Let’s Make a Deal producers will coach you. They gotta get what they need.

So, thanks so much friend, for explaining that to me. I see it so clearly now. And LMAD producers, I get it. Sorry if I sounded harsh in any earlier posts (though I tried not to…). You’re just trying to make great TV. I can’t fault you for that!

(To read more about my Let’s Make a Deal experience, go here. If you want to read on Price is Right, that’s here. Thanks!)

2 thoughts on “Uh, Of Course There’s a Difference Between The Price Is Right, and Let’s Make a Deal”

  1. I haven’t read all of them, but thank you for your LMAD posts! They answered some things I have wondered about in the past couple months (when I started accidentally watching with some regularity). In this case: I wondered why everyone was always happy any time they won a prize, even the blah prizes …personally, I would be elated over cash or a trip, but a car seems like a hassle to me, and I might actually prefer taking home an oversized novelty zonk instead of a refrigerator. Anyway, thanks again

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