New Year’s Race (January 3, 2015)

April 1, 2015

Yes, I know we are pretty far behind real-time, since I’m writing about January events in April. But between game shows and kidneys, it happens, I suppose. Just go with me?

At this race, I broke 2:55 for the first time! Last year, I had a goal of 3 hours – and missed by 34 seconds. Guh!

This year, I was thinking it’d be finally nice to grab that previous goal – especially on such a tough course. But I wasn’t sure if it was gonna happen. Usually, I’m way more training-heavy in November/December than I was this year. This year, the cable was out in our building’s gym for what seemed like forever. (But seriously, it was such a long time!)

Obviously, how in the world could I possibly be expected to work out without game shows? 😉

Anyway, it all sort of went downhill from there. I had a bit of a lazier December than usual. Not crazy lazy, but lazy enough.

Then, on race day, I kind of woke up at a weird time and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was all over the place and was feeling like it might not be my day. I didn’t announce to the world that I was going back for that 3 hour goal. But secretly, I wanted it.

I also had a tough time really figuring out when to eat since it was a night race. None of this dueling before sleep thing.

I was trying to be pretty super vegan, but I love these chips with lime seasoning. Chips and salsa is totally my pre-race food. I have no idea if it’s really supposed to be. But it has been for me for a while now. It used to be Doritos and salsa, but you know, the whole vegan thing.

After I’d become perfectly happy with my replacement, I learned there was whey in the seasoning!

In general I’d moved to potato chips and salsa to combat that problem. However, that didn’t always completely sit well with my stomach.

So, for this race, I decided forget it, I’m going to have some whey in the seasoning, ’cause these are my chips and I want my pre-race food.

After I made my way down the street to the start line, I stretched out until it was time to start. I had a lot of kinks to work out after sitting around my apartment marathoning all the seasons of Homeland I missed. (I told you I had sort of a lazy December.)

Once the race started, I pretty much got in the zone. I just kept jogging. I told myself whatever you do, don’t want. Even on all those hills, I kept jogging.

I was feeling pretty great while jogging, but I knew I’d been feeling great last year before losing steam. So, I didn’t lull myself into a sense of safety.

At one point, I think even before the halfway point, the 3 hour pacer bolted past me! What?! How is it possible you’re already passing me? I’m watching my time. I’m in front of a 3-hour pace. And you were behind me in the corral. I don’t understand what’s happening.

Thankfully, he was only running so fast to bank time, because his group walked up the hill. I jogged ahead of them on that hill, and he never passed me again.

Even in the final mile, I was mildly nervous. I was more sure this year than last that I was going to come in under 3 hours. Even still, my clock had forsaken me in 2014. So, I kept jogging to the best of my ability, enjoying some sweet inspirational tunes. (It’s been a while since I played “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly – which I do when I feel like I’m doing something sweet in a race. So, it was very nice to hear that again!)

I was spent by the end. After I got my medal and food, I had to sit for a while! Way to reach the point of exhaustion, Aurora.

As soon as I got up, I went straight to the results tent. Mine hadn’t been posted, so I got in the line of people asking the guy. When “2” came out of his mouth, I wanted to cry.

I know I’m still slow. But I’m less slow, baby! And thank goodness. I have a race coming up in San Francisco in the summer where the time limit’s 3 hours!

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