Disney’s Rebel Challenge – Day 1 – 10k – Part 1 (Morning & More Costume Talk) (January 17th, 2015)

April 3, 2015

Picking up from last time –

My friend Jaime came to visit during this weekend. (Yay!)

We Uber-ed out to Anaheim at some crazy time of morning, around 3am-ish.

When we got there, we made our way through downtown Disney toward the start. As we passed the finish line area on the way to bag check, we saw that Disney was showing Star Wars on a TV screen there, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Basically, between the expo and various places at the race, it seemed to me that they had a Star Wars movie playing practically anywhere they could – which was very nice since it had been a while since I’d seen any of the movies.

Once we got to the bag check area, Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye” played as the DJ was telling everybody to get outta there and start making their ways to the corrals. I’d never been at a stage far from the start a half hour beforehand. So, I’d never seen that little transition.

It was fun for me – mainly because how can you possibly go wrong starting the day on an Nsync song? (Granted, that wasn’t super Star Wars themed. But come on. There has to be other music and stuff in there somewhere.)

I wore my Boba Fett outfit for the 10k. My reasoning (as if there needed to be any) was that I had one costume from a more dark side character, and one Jedi (X-Wing Pilot Luke). Ultimately, I wanted to be good. So, I’d wear the one from the dark side in the shorter race (getting to spend more time as a good guy). (Kinda silly to have put that thought into that, huh?).

When I looked at those costumes on Amazon, I was a little terrified but took the leap anyway. (As per usual, I was planning my costumes at the last minute and didn’t have tons of immediate options. So, I just went with it.) I generally don’t like wearing things that are tight around my stomach, but thankfully in races you always have the bib to help you hide things a little – and the Disney bibs are big.

But throughout the day (both days), I was concerned with how I was posing – trying to do my best to hide my stomach, and stick out anything else that would hide it. The hilarious thing about this is that the photos that came out best were candid running photos where I didn’t have time or space to worry about that.

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