(#50) Tech Mentor for After School Music Program – Part 3 (My Contribution)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

As far as how I contributed, there wasn’t tons for me to do. I did get to answer a question about Garageband. (I got to show how to bring up automation for volume, so you could change the volume levels throughout a track.)

That one felt especially cool because before the program started, as we were setting up, I familiarized myself with the new version of Garageband (since some of the computers were running that).

One of the things I didn’t immediately see how to do was show automation for your tracks. I thought if there’s anything these students are going to ask (since it’s helpful to working out your arrangement and not immediately visible in the program), it’s going to be how to change volume, panning, etc. throughout the track (that sweet, sweet automation).

So, I looked it up. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s the exact thing that came in helpful later! “Aurora do you know how to do this?”
“Oh, yeah.” [*Confidently walks over*] Just go up to “mix” in the menu. Now “show automation.” Great. Now you can choose what you want to see. You’re looking for volume, which is the default right here.


And that pretty much covers my entire contribution – showing someone how to do one thing (which google could’ve done, but let’s all choose to believe I’m cooler than google).

The students were surprisingly self-sufficient. I guess I shouldn’t say surprisingly, as I know high schoolers are smart. I just remember being at Berklee and one of the first classes you take is intro to Music Tech.

I studied up for a day and tested out of that class. But still, as was mentioned (by other people) earlier in this day, Berklee is one of the best music schools around and even they have to acquaint much of the incoming student population with Garageband. So, I dunno. Maybe I’m behind the times or something, but I still thought it was pretty impressive that these students had such a great grasp on it.

We (adult mentors) walked around a bit, looking at their screens, trying to see if anyone needed help and was perhaps too quiet to ask. But everyone was happily working away on their own.

Basically, all around applause – to the students working so hard, and the school for offering this, and especially Lauren and Harley for running such a program. What a volunteer activity! This was truly lovely.

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