(#52) Children of the Night (“Empowering Youth With Creative Games”) – Part 2 (More “Would You Rather”s, Plus The Main Activity)

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Picking up from last time –

I was a little excited for my “would you rather” question. Even though I know they’re pretty silly and don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things since you’ll never need to answer in real life, they’re still fun.

I easily knew my answers to some of the ones being asked around the table.

There were a number of them I found pretty interesting – would you rather lose your sight or hearing? Would you rather lose your hair (without the possibility for it to grow back) or your sense of smell?

I feel like there are legitimate sides your could take and debates you could make about pros and cons.

Then my question was, “Would you rather have your skin turn purple or blue?” Come on now! Those both sound terrible. How am I supposed to get hired for anything with purple or blue skin?

That question was the first thing I said. Then someone piped up and said, “Well, with blue skin, you could at least in Avatar and The Blue Man Group.


So, I went with blue. Some opportunities are better than none. (And yes, I suppose technically with purple skin you could possibly make your own opportunities. Anything is possible…)

Anyway, enough with the ice breakers. We moved on to the main activity.

It was all about seeing your life in the future. There were 10 questions all about where you wanted to be in 10 years – what would you like? Where would you live? What transportation would you use?

And then you got to draw a little 4-drawing story on the other side to show something that’d happen in your life.

(In case your wondering, mine was my Broadway debut. It was me onstage with the ghostlight looking at an empty theater, excited for butts in the seat, then people in the theater waiting with anticipation before the curtain comes up. The 3rd photo was my curtain call. And the last one was my dad and high school theater teacher waiting to take me out for dinner.)

We went around the table as each girl told us about her upcoming life. It was crazy to hear some of them say things such as “Well, in 10 years, I’ll be 24 years old.” It was also slightly crazy to hear some of them react to that realization with, “Oh my gosh, I’ll be soooooo old!”

Yeah. You’ll be ancient when you’re 24. (I know I totally just said that with sarcasm, but in Los Angeles, I don’t blame them for feeling that way. I sometimes feel that way!)

Anyway, it was interesting to hear how packed full of hope so many of the stories were – and how vivid some of the pictures were. I know we were supposed to be there to help them, but I think seeing the world through such hopeful and vivid eyes is perhaps something they helped to show us.

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