My First 50-Mile Race! – Part 6 (My Weird Finish ) – Part B (What Happened After)

June 3, 2015

Picking up from last time –

I think another part of the reason it maybe felt like I was kinda supposed to keep going was because it was a loop – a 2-mile loop I’d done 25 times. I was in the freaking groove. “Oh I stop now?”

I loved it being a loop, by the way. Some people thought it would get boring. But I loved never being more than two miles away from an aid station (and bathroom etc.). I also loved sort of turning my brain off and knowing what was in store for me in each loop.

But yeah. I sort of feel like in my quest to pace myself and not hurt myself that I maybe didn’t pace hard enough. I didn’t end feeling a huge need to sit down. I ended with more in the tank. And I don’t think you really want to end your distance races like that…

So, yeah. There was just something off about the first 50-miler…

As I mentioned earlier, there was something off about my first marathon as well – which was also a trail run. So, maybe it’s just something about those.

I don’t know. I guess before I come to any real conclusions, it’ll be a matter of doing some more 50 or 100 milers so I have something to compare them to.

Once I got to the finish line, I was invited back in the aid tent to have my blisters tended to. I grabbed some foot to eat while it was happening.

When I took of my shoes, I had no idea how gross the aftermath was going to look! I’ll spare you the pictures (and too many graphic details), but suffice it to say, it was a total mess. Oof.Dave patched me up as best could be done with the mess of blisters on top of other blisters going on. Even though my cabin was only a mere short distance away from the finish, Stephanie (one of the races co-directors) drove me over there! She even literally gave me the sandals off her feet so I didn’t have to stuff my swollen shoes back into my sneakers.She told me that she loved seeing me go by each time – that I always looked happy, and that I seemed to be keeping a pretty even pace. I’d been nick-named the smiling peanut butter jelly girl (’cause that was what I always grabbed as I ran by).
Once I got back to the cabin, I took a wonderful long shower. And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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