52 Performances in 52 Weeks – The Rules/Constraints

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Oh, it’s time to start talking about this new project! I’m so excited!

Some people have asked me what kind of parameters am I going to put on this. What constitutes a performance?

If I have a reading of some of my material in the apartment living room for a handful of friends, is that a performance? If I play the same character (in the same show) two nights in a row, does that count as two different ones? What if I only perform for camera without a live audience?

There are lots of questions, and I’m sure many people have their own opinions. But here’s where I land with it… I’m just going to use my best judgement.

Some things will be obvious and clear cut. Others, not so much. But I’m just gonna do my best to use my best judgement.

I know that’s not super constrain-y sounding. But these are projects I make up! I’m excited to just be open to the experience and see what lies ahead.

As I did with the volunteer activities (and even half marathons), I’m going to try to vary things up. I hope to do things for small audiences and large. I hope to do some comedy, drama, singing, dancing, plus some stuff I’ve never done before (like being a mime or a human statue). I’m just open and excited and we’ll see where it goes.

If you have ideas or suggestions about anything, I’d always love to hear them!

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?