San Fran! (Presidio/Lombard Street) (April 2015)

June 19, 2015

Aurora De Lucia selfie at Presidio sign in San FranciscoFinally! Now that we’re beginning to get a bit caught up on the blog, I can talk about some things I didn’t get to mention over the past couple of months.

First up, my trip to San Fran! I don’t know where to start or how to break up these posts. So, I’m gonna do it the best I can.

I felt like I needed a break from LA. I love and adore my friend Jaime in SF. We’d been texting a bunch about how we both really wanted to see each other. So finally I said, “Okay, how about I take the bus up.”

She was so sweet! “Uh, yeah. Obviously. Come here now.”

So, um, I basically did.

Everyday while Jaime and her husband were at work, I tried to find new, exciting things to do.

On one of my first days there, I went to a workout class, BodyRok. The studio was close enough to the hairpin turns on Lombard Street that I figured Lombard Street would be my touristy thing for the day.

I only knew about Lombard Street because this car racing show I worked on had a whole SF episode, and they loved talking about Lombard Street. I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

On my way to Lombard Street, I went the wrong way. (When do I ever not get lost?) But in getting lost, I found Presido, which I didn’t even know existed!

I started walking around confused and in awe. It looks like a gigantic and pristine college campus. But a lot of the people there did not look like they were in college. And some of the buildings seemed to serve other purposes.

I didn’t recognize the word “Presido” when I saw the signs. I hadn’t heard of a school or business with that name. So… where am I? Am I allowed to be here? I’m gonna walk around until I find out what this is and/or someone says get out.

I met some people walking and said, “I know this is a weird question. But can you tell me where I am?”

Aurora excited at the bottom of Lombard Street
At the bottom of Lombard Street

Turns out, it’s a big area of a national park. You can read more here if you’re interested.

The guys also said that George Lucas owns (or maybe rents?) a bunch of buildings on the property. People work there. (And they seem to have a grand ol’ time.)

I walked around The Presidio more another day (which we’ll get to), but suffice it to say, it was huge – huge!

You could spend at least a full day (if not multiple days) and tons of money just hanging in The Presidio. There are spas, restaurants, bowling, golf, and on and on and on… I don’t even know what all they have there. I just know it’s a ton. (Mental note to explore that area more sometime! …Or, I guess actual, physical note, since I am writing it.)

I did eventually make it to Lombard Street. It was indeed pretty cool. It seemed like probably a nightmare for people who lived on the street since cars seem to be bottlenecked there as apparently drivers want to check it out just as much as walkers. It was amazing how many tourists were out taking pictures… and I was one of them!

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