That Time I (Maybe?) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 36 (I Miss Working Out!)

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Picking up from last time –

Those 9 days were… painful doesn’t even seem like the right word. They were so frustrating, tiring… I don’t even know!

I’d just come back from San Fran where I went out of my way to be super active. I was feeling so great about myself! And then I became this couch potato (wah wah).

As each day went by, I got a little crankier to the people around me. I was getting so exhausted! No only did I not have working out (which helps keep my energy up), I also wasn’t even fueling myself properly. So I was feeling gross.

For the first few days I kept it together. I was all, “I’m gonna keep a great attitude about this! I’m gonna try to do a bunch of cool (or at least productive) non-workout stuff this week.”

Nope. I was cranky an insufferable within a couple of days.

I did still do some productive non-workout stuff. Even when I was getting my hair dyed (and all prepped fr my headshots), when my stylist asked me to sit up a bit in the washing bin chair thing, the way I sat up she said, “I see you’re still trying to sneak in a little ab work, huh?”

I’m not trying to say that I’m super fit or anything. I’m just saying, it can be a bit hard sometimes to get in the groove of exercising. So once you’re there, you wanna keep doing it! (Or at least I do.) Also, your body gets used to working and pumping out all those beautiful endorphins. So when I made it go a bit haywire, it’s like it was screaming at me, “Aurora. What are you doing?!”

The habits I’ve worked so hard to get into (such as always taking the stairs), I know undid them all. I felt so silly just standing on the escalator as it took me up in the subway station. I also felt that people around me might be judging me (which I know is sooo silly because people are wrapped up in their own lives. What do they care if I’m on the stairs or escalator?).

So, I’d have to talk down my brain all the time. “There are plenty of reasons you could be on the escalator. You could be injured. People probably just think you’re injured. No one’s judging you for not being active enough, or for using the moving stairs that are zapping needless electricity (since there are already elevators for anyone who does need assistance). Oh my goodness, calm down, Aurora! Eesh.

And I’ll pick up with how the eating went next time!


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