Museum Of The Arroyo Day

July 18, 2015

Aurora De Lucia on a motorcycle at the Los Angeles Police MuseumAnother free museum day!

(Here’s a link to the website.)

I happened to find out about this when my friend Angela and I went to see the Gamble House. I love when little adventures to lead more little adventures!

My favorite museum I saw on this day was the Los Angeles Police Museum. They had a whole exhibit about Patty Hearst. You could sit inside the closet she had to live in, to get a teensy feel of what it must’ve been like for her to have to try to sleep and function in there. (It was cramped.)

I loved in general how interactive the museum was! I got to get a little fake mugshot taken, go in a cell, pose on the motorcycle. The docents were cool and knowledgeable and told me all about the first police woman in the LAPD (who was also the first in the nation!).

Aurora in little footies at Gamble House
(We had to wear little footies at the Gamble House. 🙂 You couldn’t go in, in real shoes.)

The other big standout was that Gamble House is the exterior of Doc Brown’s house in Back to the Future. I’ve never seen Back to the Future, but I did take a picture in front of the house.

As far as strategy for the day, I went with what I thought would be my favorite museum first, and just kinda went in order that way. Then, I get to spend the most time doing the stuff I really want to do.

It seemed pretty hard to hit all 6 in a day. You could do it, if you go right when the museums open and keep a pretty good pace. But, I’d probably aim for 4. (But do your thing! And if you give Museum of the Arroyo day a try, I’d love to know how many you hit, and your favorite parts!)

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?