Basic at the Groundlings (Again?!) – Part 1 (This Is… Amazing?)

August 27, 2015

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack.

I know some of you who read the blog are possibly screaming at your computer screens right now. “Why?! Why Aurora. For the love of all that is holy in this world, why are you doing this to yourself?”

I don’t know… I certainly remember the pain and anguish that was intermediate… which I never even got around to publishing on this blog – what? We’ll talk about it.

But there’s just something about the Groundlings that I love. I love their shows. I love the idea of the clear-cut, cut-throat program.

I like a lot of the people I met at the Groundlings.
And I want to see how far I can make it through the program.

The program is expanding rapidly. Since I started, they’ve added a whole ‘nother level of improv. They’re adding new school spaces and student shows. I have a feeling if you want to make it through, the time to get in is right this second before it gets even more full, and more competitive, and more everything.

(Really the time to do it was probably 5 years ago(!) when I took my first freaking class there. Or 4 years ago when I took my next one. The first time I moved to New York in the middle of class. The next one I didn’t pass. But then I waited almost a year to take again… I didn’t have to do that.

Aaaaanyway, let’s not get on a regret train here. The point is, I should do it right now. (Huh. That’s kind of been a theme over the past week. Wow, I’m talking a lot about doing things in the now. Don’t worry. I’m not dying anytime soon (as far as I know). I guess this is just the theme coming up…)

I used to think I wanted to savor all the time of going through the program. I didn’t want to try to move too fast ’cause I’d blink my eyes and my three tries of each level would be gone and I’d be cut.

Now I’m of the mindset of just get cut then. The program’s not getting any easier. I’m in it now to just power through as long as I can, and when I get cut, I get cut. But no more procrastinating ’cause the logic doesn’t even make sense. Yeah, you’re kind of prolonging how long you get to be in the program. But if you’re not even in a class, then you’re barely in the program anyway.

So, I’m back.

And surprisingly, it’s not as gut-wrenchingly stomach-knot-tying-painful as I remember.

I don’t know if the school has changed, or if I’ve changed, or if my teacher is just amazing, or a mix, or what. But it’s actually fun so far. I leave happy so far. Crazy, right?

Thing that blew my mind: We ended the first class with a compliment circle! We stood in a circle, and we went around and people complimented each other. It was adorable. I would like to implement a compliment circle all the time everywhere.

I look forward to seeing how this class plays out.

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