Escape Room LA! (The Detective!) – Part 1 (Getting Into the Room)

September 1, 2015

Aurora and her team having escapedSo. much. fun.
Some of the most fun!

I’ll be vague when it comes to spoilers, ’cause I do not want to spoil the fun for anyone!

Even still, if you’re gonna do this room, maybe just skip this post so you can go in completely blind.

If you don’t know what Escape Room LA is, it’s this awesome interactive experience in which you’re locked inside a room and you have one hour to get out solving clues and using your teammates’ help.

There are two different room, and I did the detective. (It’s billed as the harder one.)

I took this super seriously, because I did not want to fail! Logic and math puzzles and such? Come on. We can do that!

So before I went, I worked out (so my brain would be functioning better than if I hadn’t). I also brought two water bottles, ’cause I know how important hydrating is for your brain!

I wore my ambition on my sleeve. I was hoping we’d beat the record time. That so did not happen.

When you get there, you get an introduction by the host. She does an ice breaker with everyone and explains the game. (You have an hour. Please try not to break things. Etc.) She gives some tips on how to play. (Communicate (a lot!). Sort out what’s done from what isn’t.)

Once we get in the room, we got a not from the detective. The basic gist is we needed to figure out who the jewel thief was, find the jewels, and figure out a way to get out of the room.

(I think the justification as to why we were trapped in the room was because the detective had set up the room to trap the thief.)

So, we set about the room off to different puzzled. I ended up on a big logic puzzle.

Tatiana (someone from my group) helped sort things out when she saw I had a big sprawling puzzle. 2 – 3 people per puzzle seemed like usually a good number (not too many minds at once, but nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and help you see things you might not otherwise).

Again, I don’t want to go step by step and ruin any clues with spoilers. (Though if you want an idea of what we were doing, you can see Conan O’Brien do a funny segment on it here. Note: I noticed some of the things were slightly different. So, maybe the room is changed up a smidge here and there.)

But basically, it was a really interesting experience to try to work independently (because you had to, in order to have enough time to solve everything), while also trying to work as a team – to know how your parts fit together when everything was new, and only some things needed to go with some other teams.

And you didn’t even always know what everyone else was working on! If you saw every puzzle lined up in a row, you might see how yours fits pretty easily. But to go on bits of information you hear from other people… it can be tough. And to trust people to get the right answers, and to tell you everything you need to know. It’s a lot of trusting strangers (and I feel I did a pretty good job at that!).

And I’ll finish out the story tomorrow!

(ps, I’m just gonna leave part of my silly snapchat story from the way there here too.)

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  1. Aurora!!! SO happy you had a great time at Escape Room. Just wanted to let you know we are having a promotion for Halloween. All tickets will be 50% off! If you haven’t had a chance to do all our rooms yet please come back and see us! Guests that dress in costume will be entered into a drawing for free tickets to our new room The Theatre.

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