Carl’s Jr. Doesn’t Have Chili Cheese Fries Anymore?!

September 12, 2015

Carls Jr Chili cheese fries by Asyari Amir on Foodspotting
(Photo credit: Asyari Amir on Foodspotting)

I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year now(!). Once I hit a year, I wanted to taste meat again to see if it tasted the same to me, or made me sick, or what it did.

My favorite meat dish used to be Carl’s Jr. Chili Cheese fries. I have looooved them forever.

When I flew out to LA once for surgery, I vividly remember Carl’s Jr. being my last meal before I went under, because I loved it oh so much (and could only get it on the west coast)!

(I even got sick after surgery and yet that didn’t deter me from wanting sweet, sweet Carl’s Jr.

I know it’s silly to love it this much because it’s fast food, and I’m sure so unhealthy. But even as I’ve gotten healthier, I can remember loving that oh so hard. So, when I was going to have meat again, that’s what I wanted to have.

I figured go off my favorite dish. If it made me sick, maybe it’d be easier to not eat meat anymore. (Maybe.) If it made me want meat again, maybe I’d just become a meat eater again.

I’m not married to this whole vegetarian idea. I’ve enjoyed it. It’s generally made me feel better. But I could see eating meat. This was all just born out of a challenge anyway. It doesn’t have to mean I’m a vegetarian for the rest of my life.

I passed a Carl’s Jr. after a dance class, and I went in just to check it out… And they have gotten rid of their chili cheese fries!

I’ve still been considering having a burger from somewhere. (I used to like burgers.) And I’ve been considering eating fried chicken. The skin always tasted good. But then I think about that sentence. “The skin tasted good.” The skin of another living being on the earth tasted good.

And I know that sounds all hippy-dippy. And I am not ever going to become someone who tries to make anyone feel guilty for eating meat. But I just don’t know that I even want to now. I’m having my Lisa Simpson moment!

And on the one hand it makes me feel lame and week and silly. But on the other, Lisa Simpson is amazing. (Yes, I know she’s fictional. Still amazing though.) If she can be a vegetarian, maybe I can be one too.

That doesn’t mean I won’t think about buying that funny shirt at Universal Studios that says, “You don’t win friends with salad.” It just means maybe I won’t have that meat meal after all.

(And maybe I will. I make no promises not to do it. But I also make no plans to do it.) The end!

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