My First Day at The Nightly Show

November 3, 2015

Picking up from getting the job

I got up early and trekked out from Newark to Macy’s Herald Square to buy a week’s worth of clothes.

(After all, all I’d brought with me (other than the interview outfit I wore) was a bookbag  containing a workout outfit with torn yoga pants for the plane ride home.)

I was going to take the subway up from Macy’s, but kind of ran out of time so I got an uber. (In NY, I think the subway may actually be faster.) I changed my clothes in the back of the uber, and tried to show up like someone who semi maybe kind of half has her life together.

Every time it was mentioned that it’s my first day, people are quick to mention “What a day to come! It’s salad day!”

I think about half of these exclamations were sarcastic, as some people think salad day is perhaps a little lame. But I think some were so legitimate – because salad day is awesome! Who would be against it?

So, I was pretty super excited to start on salad day (every Tuesday). We get free lunch catered in on all of our show days (Monday – Thursday). Like, what? How amazingly cool is that?

I was a little afraid that I’d be tempted with free food, but not necessarily always be able to eat it as a vegetarian (ugh, sorry – I hate mentioning that ’cause it makes me sound all hoighty toighty or whatever in print blegh). Anyway, it’s still cool to me that they have a vegan(!) option everyday. (Yay!)

Food aside, at 12:15 there was announcement of a production meeting – and I got to go! They allow the entire staff to go to the meeting so everyone sees everybody once a day to try to keep everyone on the same page and make everyone feel like a cohesive team. It’s pretty cool!

I got to explore around and meet everybody. One of our technicians even saw me taking a selfie in the studio. She was like, “Wanna sit at the desk?” I said I heard I wasn’t supposed to walk onstage and didn’t want to get in trouble. She was like, “The only person you’d get in trouble with is me. Come on over.” She took the cover off the desk, got the guy running the lights to turn up the stage lights, and she took some great shots for me!

Nice people? All the free food I can eat?

…I think I can get used to this!

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