(#13) My BMI Audition

Monday, November 9th, 2015
Aurora standing on her first day of BMI

(This is from my first day of BMI)

I talked about this in GREAT detail already.

I think this audition can certainly count as a performance, since it was my performance of the year that changed my whole entire life.

So, I’m giving it a numbered post (so we don’t get lost).

And you can read any and all of the whole story here:

Part 1 – The Set Up

Part 2 – Songs I Applied With

Part 3 – Getting The Email For The Audition

Part 4 – I Get The Audition Instructions

Part 5 – Should I Do A Meta Song, Like I Did In My Packet?

Part 6 – What Should I Do For The Ballad?

Part 7 – What Should I Do For The Comedy Song?

Part 8 – And What About The Up-Tempo Song?

Part 9 – My Spinning Head

Part 10 – Other Things To Think About…

Part 11 – In The Words of Avenue Q… “What Is My Life Going To Be?

Part 12 – Prepping for the Trip – Get Those Paperclips

Part 13 – Monday Morning with B

Part 14 – Changing Songs – The Night Before

Part 15 – Writing a New Last Verse

Part 16 – My Walk Around NYC As I Discover New Problems In My Song

Part 17 – Changing The Last Verse… At 10:30pm

Part 18 – Final Prep The Night Before

Part 19 – Going To The Audition

Part 20 – Performing My 2nd Song At The Audition

Part 21 – The Question Portion Begins

Part 22 – The Question Portion Ends

Part 23 – Going Home

Part 24 – The Results!

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