Moving To New York (Ish) – Part 1 (I Found My Place)

November 17, 2015

(My apologies. This said this posted. The email was sent. And yet… it has disappeared from the blog. So… here it is again!)

I say “ish” because I still have my California place.

I think I’m gonna be a dual resident of the states? (I’m pretty sure that’s not a real thing for inside America. But I’m calling myself a dual-resident, because that’s fun!)

I have the greatest place in the universe in Cali, and I’m not gonna give it up unless someone wrestles it out of my freezing dead hands… That sounds a little intense, but for real, that place is home.

Buuuut anyway, I needed a place here because I work out here and spend a bunch of time here now. So, alas. I got one.

(And I’ve never felt more like, um, skeezy? or entitled? or whatever than explaining getting my second place :-0 #ImTheWorst Please don’t stop loving me!)

I talked about apartment searching in yesterday’s post (and the mess that was). I saw a number of crazy places, and tiny places. And inconvenient places. Oh, all the places…

Well, on the day after I started my job, I found my place…

I found it during the day at work and asked the realtor if he could show me after. He was very gracious and helpful.

He made me feel slightly pressured in the apartment (as all the realtors tended to do), but not sooo much as all the other ones, who’d always be like, “sign the papers NOW! You’re gonnaget this one or be homeless.”

(It’s possible I’m exaggerating a little, but that was the gist.)

But he was super patient. I didn’t feel rushed. He measured parts of the place with me, and answered a bunch of questions.

I also met a few people as we walked in who said they’d been living there for a long time and really loved it. One guy point blank said, “Move in here.”

So, ultimately I felt good. Even though I did check out a few more places over the next few days, I knew I’d found my place…

Then all that New York-y stuff started. People told me it would be hard to get in to a place, and goodness were they right.

I was told that as long as I had a certain credit score and made a certain amount of money, I was good to go.

Well, I had over that credit score and made more than the money. So, I thought, “I’m golden.” Well, not so much.

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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