If I Thought I was “Brain-Full” Before…

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Bahahahahahahahahahaha. *cackles at herself*

Remember when I was going to commute from LA to NY every week for months, and I wrote how brain-full I was because there were decisions on which flights and trying to keep it cheap and all of that business, and because I wanted to make sure I did sightseeing and seeing friends in LA.


Can you believe I actually thought that was a hard situation, or that I was worried about any of that?

Because in the past two months, I’ve had to moveon a whim (basically), 3,000 miles away!

I had a trillion other harder things to think about:
Where am I gonna stay tonight (when I was in NY but didn’t yet have a place)?
Where am I gonna stay permanently?
What am I gonna do with my LA place? Who’s gonna stay there? How are we gonna work out the money situation?
Oh, what song am I doing for BMI this assignment?
How do I find an apartment in NY? Do I really have to use a broker? Oop, yep, pretty sure I do…
Oh, crap, what’s the export setting (at work) when I send something to the promo team again?
Should I fly home this weekend to get my stuff? Will I even have a place here to put it?
Oh crap. I am hemorrhaging money. Should I put these plane tickets on a credit card? Which one?
Oh shoot. What should I write for that next verse of my BMI assignment?
Agh. My Avid’s being used at work. Where else in the building can I get work done right now?
Oh golly. I promised myself I’d run a marathon every calendar year for the rest of my life. 2015 is almost over. Which marathon can I run?
Gah! That reminds me. I need a costume for my Rock ‘n’ Roll LA run… Oh, I so don’t have time for this, but I don’t want to let a year go by where I don’t do it…
Why am I still worrying about this stuff when I 100% do not have time for it?
Oh goodness! My BMI assignment is almost due. Does my partner have any time to meet with me?

Questions upon questions upon questions.

It felt as though I never slept, and like I was aaaaaaaalways running to catch up.

So, I love going back and remembering that my biggest problems used to be, “Hmm. Should I fly out in the morning, or at night?” Oh Aurora. You sweet, sweet naive girl who had no idea how hard (but admittedly crazy awesome) your life would become. xoxoxo

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