Paintball For Mike Yard’s Birthday! (Oct 3, 2015)

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Aurora holding her paintball gunI happened to hear at work in my first week, that that weekend, there was a paintball event for Mike Yard’s birthday! (Woot!)

Again, not necessarily the smartest thing for me to do when maybe I should be sleeping or looking for an apartment. But no. I thought it was important to keep trying to bond with people and all of that jazz. So, I trekked out to Long Island early in the morning.

And there were only a handful of people there. I thought it was gonna be this big thing. ‘Twas not.

I was still pretty wildly unprepared (as I still hadn’t been home since my interview, and had been in NY a whole week). So, I went and bought some workout clothes at H&M in Times Square (which was still open when I’d gotten out of work that Friday night… it’s open laaaaate).

Ladies of PaintballI was not great at paintball. I didn’t come super prepared. People lightly (and lovingly) made fun of me for not having a coat or something to protect me. I also was bad at hiding. I just kind of walked in plain sight.

I won one round at the end ’cause all you had to do was be the last person standing – and if someone ran out of paintballs, they were out. So, I just basically hid and let everybody shoot out everybody else. Then I came out of hiding and walked to victory – which everyone laughed about and talked about for a while.

It was a cute day, and I loved it! And Mike Yard is a total sweetheart. Yay new friends at my new job! 🙂 (And yay trying something I’ve never tried before!)

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