(#20) Be a Broadway Star Auditions (November 19, 2015)

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Just catching up on another performance thing…

Again, an audition. And I hate to admit it, but with everything going on, I’m just gonna count some auditions! I’m performing for somebody!

When I first read about the “Be a Broadway Star” auditions, I thought, “This is nice. Competing at an open call with everybody who hasn’t been on Broadway. That has to help pare down the talent pool, huh?”

Nope. Seems not, really. I went in there and just like most auditions, I go into a room with tons of people who look just like me. You could hear people belting through the door, and everybody sounded fantastic.

I was happy with my performance. But alas, nothing came of it.

I know there wasn’t much to say here, but there you have it. I came. I sang. I left.

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