Okay, So We’re Current-Ish

Friday, December 4th, 2015

[If somehow you are reading this in May of 2016, this was something that was supposed to be posted December 04… So, while we may have been current then, we’re not super now. So, hopefully that title is not misleading you. Aaaaaanyway]

Okay! We’re pretty current-ish. After many multi-part stories, we’ve gotten through applying to and getting into BMI, and applying to and getting the job at The Nightly Show, getting my New York apartment, and some back-and-forth weekends.

I do have some failure weekends to talk about. But I just wanna be positive for a lil’ while. So, let’s get to the awesome Philadelphia marathon! Then I’ll backtrack and hit you with the failure weekends. And then who knows what we’ll do from there! But we’re doing it!

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