Philly Trip Day 1! (Monday, Nov 23, 2015)

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Aurora De Lucia at the liberty bellI had such a fantastic time at the marathon, I wanted to do a little sightseeing.

I started Monday at the Liberty Bell. Did you know there was a “women’s liberty bell” (was the title on the sign)? It was a “Justice Bell” that was driven around but chained silent because of women not having the right to vote!

Next up was Independence Hall. It’s all cool and history-y, just like you think it would be. (And apparently if you go at night in the summer, you can see reenactments played out.)

I decided while I was by the visitor center that I was gonna go ahead and just stay in Philly for at least one more night (if note more – spoiler alert, it was so many more). So I bought the City Pass and thought, “Let’s get to this!”

(Note: The City Pass has changed since I did it. I got to go to Eastern State Penn and the Constitution Center… But the One Liberty Observation Deck hadn’t opened yet.)

Aurora De Lucia at Eastern State PennEastern State Penn was kind of incredible. I went really just ’cause it was on the City Pass, having no idea what to expect from an old big empty prison. But when I got there, I realized it was a really incredible place to learn about the history of the criminal justice system, and how America’s criminal justice system compares to that of other countries.

I think it’d be a pretty fabulous place for lawmakers to take a field trip, ’cause I know criminal justice reform is a big issue! And this place presents information in a really interesting way.

I also ran over to the Constitution Center. (This isn’t in order. I did that one before Eastern State ’cause it’s by the Liberty Bell and all that jazz.)

This place was like a mini little history theme park without rides, if that makes sense (and I have a feeling it doesn’t). But the point is, it’s very cartoon-ish almost. There are these huge interesting displays upstairs and mock voting booths. (Yeah, kids! Voting is cool!) You also could even get your picture taken pretending to take the oath as you become president of the United States.

Aurora with her vegan sandwich at Reading Terminal Market

(My picture with my veggie sandwich was nicer than my one with the cannoli :-))

There was a one person show to start everything off that told us all about history. I thought, “Philly seems like a cool city for actors – reenactments, one-person history shows… I bet this is maybe a nice place to retire, or spend some time.”

I also made a little trip to the US Mint where they explain money in amazing detail. If you ever wanna know how coins are made, take a little trip… But come with a pen and paper if you want to take everything down. There is not a super ton of picture-taking allowed in a bunch of Philly places.

Lastly, after all the museums and such were closed for the night (the city kind of seems to shut down at 5, so you gotta be an early riser to get things done!), I headed over to Reading Terminal Market. I met this awesome girl on the bus who told me I just had to try a Termini Bros. cannoli.

And she was right. I tried eating a cannoli again when I was back in NY (the same one I had the day of my job interview – I don’t know what’s up with me and canoli’s lately!). Anyway, it wasn’t the same. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna eat another non-Termini-Bros. cannoliĀ  – which is probably good, because junk food is not good for me!

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