The Nightly Show Christmas Party (December 17, 2015)

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Larry Wilmore and Aurora De Lucia at the Christmas partyWe got to have a party at the top of the Empire Hotel!

It was fun and cool, of course. Cam’ron the rapper showed up… because why not?

I was a pretty super lame face!

I brought my friend’s sister… (I’m still meeting people in New York, so I kinda stole my great friend (from LA)’s sister to come with me.)

She doesn’t work in the entertainment industry. So, in my mind, I thought it was up to me to show her an industry-filled evening.

So, when Larry happened to get in the elevator with us, I tried to snap a picture since I saw him standing next to her – you know, just something cool and candid for her Facebook, or whatever.

Tom and Aurora at the Christmas party

(with one of my other buddies from work at the party)

…And my ringer was on! So my phone made that clicking noise in that tiny little elevator. It was soooo embarrassing. Hopefully Larry’s used to it-ish, being famous and all… Or maybe he thought I was taking a selfie. Or maybe he didn’t hear it. Who knows.

Anyway, later, I asked if he’d take a picture with her (and me, because come on, when else was I ever going to get one? At work?). And when I asked him… I built her up – as though I needed to.

I’m like, “Hey, would you mind taking a picture with my friend? She’s super nice. She’s not a TV person – she actually does super selfless work, even, with a mentoring program.” Larry’s a super nice guy who will take pictures with basically anyone. So, I don’t know why I thought I had to make a whole case for her. But I did. (Did I mention I was being a super lame face?)

Anyway, we got our pictures, and our free food, and our dance on.

Even if I was a liiiiittle lame, my friend said she had a great time. I had fun too. So, I’m gonna go ahead and call this party a success!

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